Hogarth Craft Chocolate is born out of a passion for chocolate, craftsmanship and art.

We source the highest quality SLAVE FREE cacao beans from around the world to create small batches of chocolate using traditional techniques. Our small factory is located in Nelson, New Zealand where we sort, roast, crush and classify, winnow, grind and conche, age, melt, temper, mold, and wrap all by hand.

Our process uses minimal ingredients and is focused on preserving the natural flavours within the cacao to create a chocolate with a true cacao flavour, a flavour lost in industrialised processing.

Together with Ana Aceves of Sugarcube Studios we developed a chocolate bar and packaging design which illustrates Karl’s journey from sailor to chocolate maker, and the voyage the cacao takes to reach our distant pacific island.


Chocolate is made from cacao, also known as cocoa. Cacao is one of nature’s superfoods, it contains more flavour compounds, antioxidants and polyphenols than virtually any other food. We source only the very best cacao from around the world, focusing on regions famous for producing the most flavorful varieties. We deal direct with the producers when we can, ensuring they receive the right price for their produce, and when we can’t deal direct, we source through transparent and ethical traders.


We make our chocolate from bean to bar using ethically sourced, SLAVE FREE cacao, sugar and cocoa butter. We work in small batches, moving everything through our little factory by hand, constantly tuning and adjusting the machines to get their best performance, this means we can put our own unique touch along every step of the process. Our machines are modern equivalents of how chocolate was originally made before modern processing techniques were invented (such as roll refining). We grind all ingredients together at the same time, resulting in a very cohesive flavour.

Making chocolate this way ensures we arrive at the perfect bar, something we can be proud of and say is truly our own work.

We make our bars from the finest ethically sourced cocoa beans the world has to offer, directly trading with growers and buying organic when possible.

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