Milk Hazelnut Chocolate Log

Milk Hazelnut Chocolate Log


This is a milk chocolate made with whole roasted Nelson hazelnuts and cacao . It simply melts in the mouth leaving a sweet silky hazelnut flavour. Unwrap and slice it up or eat straight from the wrapper.  Very, very moreish (you have been warned :-).

Ingredients: bocoa beans, roasted Nelson hazelnuts, sugar, milk powder, cocoa butter, non-GMO sunflower lecithin, vanilla

Weighs approx 90g

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Our Ecuador cacao comes from Hacienda Victoria in Guayaquil, Ecuador. 

Hacienda Victoria is a 500 hectare cocoa plantation about 30 minutes from Guayaquil with ideal climate and superb environmental conditions, along with a sustainable and socially responsible crop management that begins in their nursery and ends in the drying of beans after careful fermentation. It is at Hacienda Victoria that they are bringing the lush forest back to life, bringing back the tradition of growing the world’s best cacao.


The variety is Arriba Nacional a species whose natural home is in Ecuador where it is known as “Fine Flavour” cacao. Hacienda Victoria are experts in fermentation and have no less than 11 different fermentation protocols to choose from. We chose a protocol that gives the cocoa very low acidity and a mild fruitiness, focusing more on the cocoa flavour rather than fruitiness.  This makes it excellent for high percentage chocolate.


Our hazelnut are grown in our home town of Nelson, we choose the tastiest and sweetest varieties to use in our Gianduia. 

Hazelnut orchards usually have a collection of different varieties to offer, this is because a Hazelnut tree requires a different variety than itself to pollinate. The main variety cultivated in New Zealand is Whiteheart (mainly because it blanches well, is easy to remove the skin, and suited for cakes and biscuits), so there is usually more Whiteheart on offer than any other variety. However, we prefer one of the “pollinator” varieties (we wont reveal which one) which tends to be smaller in size and sweeter. It is harder to source the our favorite variety, but we think it really makes the difference in our chocolate, so well worth the search.

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