Licorice Caramel Mini bar

Licorice Caramel Mini bar

Licorice Caramel Mini Bar

When licorice and caramel are combined they create a marvellously unexpected flavour bomb. We have caramelised white chocolate and added pure licorice, it's unbelievably good!

The journey starts with rich sweet caramel slowly morphing into lingering black licorice, the flavour stays with you for awhile, bringing you back for more...

Licorice lovers will fall totally for this bar.

Ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, skim milk powder, clarified butter, licorice powder (3.3%),  non GMO organic sunflower lecithin,

Weight: 25g

Allergen Warning: Contains Milk Proteins

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our featured ingredient | licorice

The licorice extract we use comes from Amarelli in Italy. Amarelli is a national treasure and the oldest licorice company in the
world. It first started producing Licorice in 1731, that’s 290 years of
knowledge and a good reason why it is considered the finest licorice in the world.


From bean... to bar


We hand sort every batch to ensure only the best beans make it into our chocolate. We discard broken, mouldy and germinated beans, plus any other foreign matter which may have made it into the sack.


We roast batches of 10-15kg in our modified coffee roaster according to a roast profile we have developed for that particular bean. We roast to tame acidity, develop chocolate flavour, evaporate moisture and puff the husk away from the bean centre to allow easier winnowing.

Crush and Clasify

To successfully winnow (remove the husk) the bean needs to be broken apart and the pieces sorted into different fractions according to size. We do this in our home built classifying machine that vibrates the pieces through a series of sieves. 


Winnowing is the process for separating the husk from the bean’s meat, which is known as Nib. We use a system we built ourselves where the broken beans are allowed to fall through an airstream going in the opposite direction, the light husk is pulled up the airstream to be removed while the heavier nib falls to the bottom.

Grind and Conch

The goal is to grind the nibs and sugar until we reach our desired texture and the cacao’s inherent acids left over from the fermentation have been released (conched), being careful not to over grind or over conch.


Once the grinding/conching process is complete the chocolate is poured out into blocks, wrapped and stored for a minimum of 1 month. Ageing allows the remaining acidity in the chocolate to mellow, it is an important and unique step in our chocolate making.

Melt, Temper and Mould

The aged chocolate is re-melted and tempered. Tempering is a complicated process of heating and cooling where we force the chocolate to set in the correct crystal structure that will give the best shine, the loudest snap and longest shelf life. The tempered chocolate is deposited into each of our custom moulds.

Hand Wrap

Once taken from the moulds, each bar is sealed in a gold foil pouch, then enclosed in one of our beautiful colourful envelopes, all by hand.
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